FlexRadio komt met Smartlink in V2.0

FlexRadio komt met SmartLink voor remote gebruik van de FlexRadio. Deze nieuwe feature die standaard in SmartSDR v2.0 zal worden aangebracht is het mogelijk om zonder extra hardware remote te kunnen werken met je FlexRadio. Veel amateurs wachten al heel lang op deze feature. (HAMdigitaal.nl)

FlexRadio Systems is excited to announce the much-anticipated SmartLinkTM remote access feature in the upcoming SmartSDR v2.0 software release.  SmartLink facilitates the ability to securely and easily operate your FLEX-6000 SDR over the Internet without the use of VPN or specialized hardware.  All of the necessary software to use SmartLink is integrated into SmartSDR v2.0 for Windows, Maestro and iOS clients for seamless remote operation.  There will be live demonstrations of SmartLink in action at the 2017 Hamvention.  Please come by and visit us at our booth in Building #2.

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